Forty seven men from a country’s inland company laid the foundations of “Agrometal Sociedad Cooperativa”, with a current value capital of $60,000. Among the men we remember the most are Mr. José Laudi, Fernando Orosmán Praderio and Isidoro Sarbach. They manufactured their first plow.



A highly important year: Agrometal S.R.L, which continued the cooperative society, adopted its current name, AGROMETAL S.A.I.
It moved to its current address in Monte Maíz, Province of Córdoba.
The first planter model S5 was manufactured.




Building of the industrial plant.



The company started quoting in the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires.



Model ST 6028 planter, manufactured two years later.



Model X1 Single Furrow Subsoiler (1965)



Model SDM 5 Five Furrow Planter (1970)



We were pioneers in the incorporation of French origin pneumatic suction deflectors.



We were the first Argentinean manufacturer that introduced the double disk with twinned limiting wheels, with wide and long parallelograms.
18 years later, many manufacturers still could not fully imitate it.



Model GFC 24 Planter (1980)



Introduction of a new concept in sowing based on minimum tillage or zero tillage. It achieved great acceptance in the market. We were the first to place the fertilizer on one side and in the deep part of the soil, by means of double inclined blades in our TX and GX models.

Model TX14 Planter



We inaugurated 151 houses in the neighborhoods of “Laudi” and “Praderio” with a fully company’s participation, built for its employees.






AGROMETAL was the first company to experiment with plain cut and removal blades in the line, with Great Plains and later in its planters, three years before our competitors.



The company focused on the development of fine and coarse seed planters, following the zero tillage concepts.




Once more, we were the first to include the star shaped crop residue sweeper disks as an option, in the sowing line, causing heating of the soil and a best implantation of corn, in early sowing.



AGROMETAL introduced a new turbo blade, offering a definitive solution for the removal of abundant and wet crop residues, in non-resistant soils.



AGROMETAL performed an agreement of cooperation and development, in the project of precision agriculture, with office in Manfredi INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) (Province of Córdoba).



Agrometal and MONSANTO jointly developed intersowing.



On 5th May Juan Carlos Negrini, AGROMETAL’s creator and “driving force” died, leaving a family leadership with a high professional profile.



Agrometal became the most important company in Argentina as regards sales participation of direct and conventional planters.



A housing plan was inaugurated, which carries “Juan Carlos Negrini” as name, and where AGROMETAL fully participated.
During this period, we were leaders within the planters market and received the award to productivity “Dr. Arturo Zanichelli", issued by the Government of Córdoba Province.



The building and incorporation in the industrial plant of the most modern technology applied to the manufacture of agricultural machinery started in May.
Agrometal receives the first price Agricultural Machinery Category of Sowers in the “Exposición Rural of Palermo” (Palermo rural events), issued by the CITA (Center of Agricultural Technology and Innovation).




Agrometal developed INTERSEEDERS for the domestic market, precision seeders with double kit for fine and coarse grains.

Its most remarkable feature is to perform Wheat-Soya INTERSOWING.

The new industrial plant named “JUAN CARLOS NEGRINI” was founded, which allowed us to increase our production capacity by 50% according to the one reached at present times, by optimizing and rising the final quality of the product.




Agrometal received the following awards: Machinery Parts Category CLIC Pneumatic Seed Dosing Machine, Precision Farming Category Full Sowing Computer

AGROMETAL ORO 2005, Award for Process Category – Special Distinction to “JUAN CARLOS NEGRINI” Industrial Plant. The company and its agencies jointly carried out for two consecutive years, EXPO ORO, with the aim of reinforcing the COMPANY/CONCESSIONAIRE/CUSTOMER relationship.


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