The TX MEGA GEN 3 is an icon of the Argentine countryside, and it provides solutions that will allow you to achieve the best performance in your coarse grain season.

We know what the secret for a good sowing is. Its row units are designed to achieve the best coarse grain planting, and it is designed to be totally maintenance-free. There are more than 60,000 configurations available, so you can build the Mega according to your needs and the needs of your field. Equip it with all the precision planting available in the market: Precision Planting seed meters and electronic, TIM electronic, and Twin Force loading and damping systems. Besides, it is compatible with Field View settings.

Technology enhances a good machine. With the Mega, you are going to have the best return on investment. The TX MEGA GEN 3 was built by professionals with top quality supplies, and it guarantees prolonged working periods with the minimum maintenance required and the best resale value of the market. With its 3.9 meters in width and its 60 centimeters of clearance, the new transportation system is going to allow you to fit everywhere.

Do you want to achieve the best quality in your next coarse grain season? Reach the higher yields in corn and soybean crops sowing with the TX MEGA GEN 3.

MORE THAN 60,000
+5,000 TX MEGA
“The Mega is a planter that, thanks to its weight and design, can anchor in any land, which is something that as producers we always highlight about Agrometal.”
Osvaldo and Eduardo Montanari - Villa Cañas, Santa Fe
"The Mega is very versatile, and it follows the ground in an excellent way. We work in plots that are very uneven and have a lot of curves, and the machine adapts itself very well to that and never stops sowing. That is very positive. It is a machine that does not require a lot of replacement parts. It never breaks. It is very faithful."
Agustín Espejo Las Cejas, Tucumán.
"The sowing level of the Mega is unrivaled. I've had a lot of brands, but no other planter sows like the Mega."
Juan Pablo Battaglia Realicó - La Pampa
“Mega is tranquility, trust. It is a product that is so superior, so faithful. I've been working with the brand for many years, and I never had a problem. Besides, the pre-owned machines can be sold in no time."
Enzo Gimenez - Río Cuarto - Córdoba

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